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We always had a dream to build something for students to learn, interact with, and make a clear learning professional journey all in one platform, this is when we came up with WeGyde - the student learning platform.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our online education platform to provide the best quality professional education to every corner of the world.

To provide the best learning adventure - We specifically have a feature where you can interact one-on-one with our lectures via our messaging and meeting request portal to resolve all your questions or doubts.

Moreover, with our mobile app you'll be able to prepare for any professional qualification test or skill-based exam with our in house-developed tutor notes, approved materials, and specifically industry-specific questions, all in the WeGyde app.

Unlike, any other learning platform - we tend to believe in personalised learning structure. We assure our professors will not be just teaching you using our pre-recorded videos but as well interacting with each student via our live interactive sessions.

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Yes, you heard it right!

All of our in-house packages will be available for a 1-month free subscription model for our students to try our platform and use it only if you like it.

WeGyde OTT Platform is built with an intention to create a true virtual learning environment comprising all the in-house components like fun-filled activities, Quizzes, challenges, cross questioning and even getting a chance to interact with your e Classmates which are all happening under a single umbrella.

WeGyde stands to provide engaging and interactive sessions, helping students and learners with lucid concepts and to make them more competitive. We transform the monotonous hour long typical classroom sessions into interesting ones.

Innovation, creativity, and skill management are in greater demand than ever before. The future will require a citizenry who is proud of their identities and capable of managing knowledge, cultures, people, and resources.

By prioritizing skill-based learning, we enable learners to develop their values, skills, and knowledge and make academic learning more relevant to their individual and professional lives.

We respect and embrace the diversity among our students and our people. We thrive to guide students to enrich their learning experience to become the most-skilled and productive professionals.

Integrity is one of the most important pathways for making leaders of tomorrow. We thrive on academic integrity & ethics among students and employees.

We strive for perfection and try to implement the same characteristics of positivity and adaptive outcomes among our students for the best skilled results.

In addition to being competent in their field, we want our students to excel. Through continuous professional development, we will ensure the success of our students and ourselves.

Top-Industry Jobs!

Our dedicated placement cells promise to bring you quality professional jobs at your doorstep, where you can apply directly through our app or web-based platform.

Additionally, we offer our subscribers specialized services like resume writing, mock interviews, technical content training, and other services.

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